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Patience please. I changed my web address (url) so I am in the process of changing the codes on the pages. Note: I build from scratch. Nobody does this for me and I don't use a program to build websites. The music code still has to be changed on most of the pages. If the music does not play the code has not been changed or the music will download when you click on the link for the music. That is a bit frustrating for the jukeboxes. That is with technology changes. The only jukebox online currently is the WWII jukebox. When you click the link the music will download and then play. You may have to click on the download. However, I listen to the music while I browse or do whatever on my computer. Every page will eventually have a common guestbook. That will be how to contact the webmaster which is me. Plus, some of my writings are linked to a pdf document to be able to download it for free. I don't sell anything. I am a writer/author/photographer. If you find a typo, please let me know. Moonlightflower is the name I chose for my Native American heritage and as my pen name. But all my photos are watermarked with my full name. Grandma always said we were Cherokee but my research revealed we are descended from the Chitimacha. In our family history there is some MicMaq Indian but way down the line, like on branches. Many Americans can probably trace back to some Native American in their bloodline, especially if they had ancestors who lived in Louisiana. The Native American may be direct which is great if you have the paperwork to back it. Or it may be indirect which can be difficult to prove. I love genealogy research which is obvious.You only live once, do genealogy. There is DNA testing and Genealogy helps in my website. Have fun browsing. To ENTER my website, click on the Native American Image.
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image of me in Native American clothing ages 29 and 62

NOTES: As you browse this website, keep in mind the webmaster is a retired brain injury nurse who is a brain injury survivor. Do NOT ever underestimate the recovery of brain injury survivors or anyone with a handicap or disability. I am a high level survivor and as a nurse I worked with severely injured brain injury survivors. Psalms 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. KJV

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I DO NOT USE COOKIES OR HIT COUNTERS. Cookies and Hit Counters work like a GPS. They are able to acquire your IP Address. If You Sign a Guestbook In Any Website Do Not Put Your Email Address In It. Webcrawlers capture email addresses and use them for spam. For any comments do sign the guestbook and let me know you appreciate my work. The American Flag at the bottom of this page will automatically fly half mast when appropriate for it to be flying half mast. This is an automatic program I subscribe to.
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