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When you are away, I miss you, my love. I miss your tender embrace, your gentle yet reassuring touch, and your moist, wet kisses. Wow! Sigh! When we embrace and I step back to look into your eyes, for a moment I am shown a glimpse back in time and see the handsome youthful Alfred I once knew. Then reality hits and I see the wonderful more mature MAN I am with. How more blessed can one woman be? I treasure every touch, every kiss, every thought, every moment in time we share. I pray God grant us as many moments and years together as we were apart. I love you so very much, Alfred. Copyright © Carolyn Bigler Hebert 09/09/2005
"Ebb Tide" First the tide rushes in Plants a kiss on the shore Then rolls out to sea and the sea is very still once more So I rush to your side Like the oncoming tide with one burning thought Will your arms open wide? At last we're face to face And as we kiss through an embrace I can tell, I can feel You are love, you are real Really mine in the rain, in the dark, in the sun Like the tide at its ebb I'm at peace in the web of your arms Ebb tide

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Righteous Brothers Ebb Tide

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