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Alfred's World Triathlon Finals Photos

Opening sign for the world triathlon finals.

Alfred at the opening ceremony. It was raining.

Alfred with Big Ben in the background.

Alfred coming out of Lake Serpentine where the swim was.

Alfred on the bike. If you zoom in you can see rain drops.

Alfred on the run course nearing the finish line.

Alfred at the finish line. He came in 18th in the world in his age group.

Click here for a compositie of Alfred's photos.

It rained almost the entire event. The water in the lake was very cold. Most wore full body wet suits. They were not allowed to bring their transition bags and towels to the transition area. That meant coming out of the water barefoot and putting on their bike shoes with muddy feet; then changing to their run shoes after the bike. I had to haul the small suitcase on wheels that he used to carry his transition gear in. I was also on my portable motorized scooter with my big camera around my neck and holding an umbrella. Not an easy task. I wish somebody would have taken my picture. The umbrella handle was supported by my bra under my shirt. I was trying to keep my head and my camera dry. The terrain was very uneven with part being uneven bricks. I did have a fall with my scooter. This was the World Triathlon Finals in London England Sept. 2013. It was held in Hyde Park. Alfred competed in the Sprint Triathlon. Check out his number 22002. There were thousands of contestants and thousands of spectators. A group they called The Beetles performed. I took pictures. Hey, let Alfred know how proud you are of him. He was 1st in the State of Texas, 6th in the Nation, and 18th in the world in 2013. He represented the USA at the World Finals. Come on, that's the cream of the crop folks! You have to qualify on the state level to be able to go to nationals. You have to qualify on the national level to go to the world finals. You can write to Alfred via my webmaster email address and I will forward the message to him. After all he is my husband. Thanks for your support.

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Some photos were taken by me. Those out on the course were taken by Bob Palmatier's wife. I got pictures of him too. Bob looked so much like Alfred from a distance. At the finish line Alfred was oblivious of me taking his picture. A side note: When I tell some people I was Alfred's photographer, they correct me and say I was just his cheering section then ignore me and look away. I surely hope they see these pages and the photos. My name is in the credits for the video Bob Palmatier put together and uploaded to YouTube. I uploaded over 3000 photos to the East Texas Triathlete's website when we were members. You can find many of my photos in Fine Art America but they are not triathlon photos. I am a photographer as a hobby. However, in the past I worked for several different news papers and a magazine as a reporter and photographer. You will find a variety of photos. Some could be considered action shots since Alfred was driving between 60-70 mph when I took some of them. Copyright 1973 to current Carolyn Bigler Hebert, that's me. Web design by Moonlightflower Creations, and that's me. All rights reserved. Permission is required to use anything from this site. Comments directed to me, the

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