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Why I Believe Canines Are Man's Woman's Best Friend

After putting a boyfriend out of my life on Friday, June 6, 1994, my daughter, Lydia, thought I needed a replacement, something that would give me unconditional love. A friend of hers, Susan, had acquired several puppies from her friends. These puppies came from an accidental breeding of two championship show dogs. Pretty and precious as these pups were, the owners did not want this whelping to be known. They were willing to give these four pups away. "Aha!" my daughter thought. The perfect replacement for a dumped boyfriend, a companion that will give unconditional love, won't object to being neutered or spade, certainly wouldn't get drunk, and cheaper to license! LOL (laughing out loud) So, with a quick dial of the phone, she called me. "Mom, you gotta go see these puppies!" With a little more enthusiasm she continued, "You can have pick of the litter and never have to worry about the puppy getting drunk. I can guarantee n o n e of these pups are alcoholics. I'm not sure which two breeds they come from but one is a miniature Greyhound," stammering a little, "Italian I think." Without hesitation she said, "Here's the number." (I won't include that here.) "Go check it out, now." "More responsiblity," I thought to myself. "Hum-m-m perhaps it may be a good idea to at least go see them. What could I lose?" The better question would have been, "What would I gain?" So I called her friend, Susan, and made arrangements to see the puppies on Tuesday, June 10th.

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Tuesday arrived and I put on my glad rags, shorts and T-shirt, and jogging shoes and went to Susan's. Once we got in the back yard and I saw all four puppies I pondered, "Oh my, I have to choose only one puppy? They are all so cute!" "Do I really have to choose?" You have to understand, I love animals, the four legged kind. Two legged animals are great too, especially if they can fly. They're called birds, parakeets, canaries, and parrots, etc. LOL Oh gee, I played with them one at a time but then decided to let the pup choose me. That was the best solution. One little female was overly friendly and playful. The others were little boys. Well, I didn't need another man in my life at that point so I opted for one of the females, the one that was more loving and less playful. Wow! What a choice! I took my little precious, princess, prissy, hum-m-m "What would I name her?" Anyway, I brought my little female puppy home. Well now. "What would you like to be called? Prissy?" "Naw," I thought, "that was Molly's dog's name." Still pondering, "Precious?" hestitating again, "Nope." "Oh, I got it!" I exclaimed. "It's time for a little royalty in my life. I just dethroned my king so now I'll have a princess." You gotta know one thing here though, my King is my Jesus. He is always on His throne. I just felt like I needed something with flesh on it as royalty in my life. "Princess," she responded to that name. That's what I would call her and that is what she would become. (Note: She was my special Princess but had to be put to sleep in 2011.) Back then we had a backyard with a fence around it. Princess could go out and run. Her long legs carried her around the back yard, around the fence line. We would play chase but she always caught me! I'd run after her and all of a sudden she wouldn't be there. I'd turn around and there she was at my feet looking up at me with her innocent little puppy dog eyes. Princess is about 1 1/2 years old in this photo.

Photo of Princess
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In the house Princess was a riot! When I'd have a seizure and had to go to bed for hours, she would take her play toys and hide them under my hip, under my head, under my side. LOL Can you imagine what a pig's ear feels like under your head? If I sat on the couch and found one of her leather strips at the end of the cushion, she would retreive it and run around the room prancing with it in her mouth. Then she would go to a corner in the room and set the toy down in the corner. With her nose, she would nudge it and nudge it until she was absolutely sure her toy wasn't going anywhere. LOL in her mind, she thought the toy was buried! One time, as I opened the back door, Princess saw a cat. Oh my how she hates cats! I love them but Princess doesn't like them. Cats dig you know. Princess lit out that door chasing after that cat. The scaredy cat jumped on the fence and over into the alley he went. I'm assuming it was a boy cat since Princess likes very few anything in the male species except children. (Guys make note of this. You will really have to be special to get me because Princess will have to approve of you too.) Anyway, Princess ran around the back yard until she found what she was looking for. She had buried another leather strip next to the driveway where hedges used to be. Furiously Princess dug up her toy and pranced around the backyard with her nose in the air like a sophisticated animal. She found another spot, looked around the yard, and buried the strip again. Then off she'd go to 'potty' and then to play chase with me. Well, I guess her toy was more important than her duty! Never ignore Princess. She will pester you until you talk to her. If she likes you, she will sit next to me and watch you. If she doesn't like you, she will jump on your knees and push you away while barking at you. So, you have been forwarned. When people ask, "Does she bite?" I have to say, "As a general rule, no. Now if you try to harm me or if she thinks you are out to harm her, look out! I still have the fabric from an intruder."

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To better understand my attachment to my precious little Princess, you need to go to the link below (click on the photo of Princess) and read "On A Wing And A Prayer With No Spare." My brother, Ronnie, suggested I write the story and he also gave me the title to it. He said, "Only you could that have happened to." There you will find a true story about how she saved my life twice. In it you will find there is drama, passion, and comedy. She has also prevented me from being raped. Not that I have a habit of getting into those situations, but she has a good habit of knowing who she wants around me. As an added note for you guys that have cats for pets, Princess can be friendly to cats if the cat trusts her and if she becomes acquainted with it. My aunt has a mama cat that the kittens hiss at Princess; however, the mamma cat rubs up against Princess and lets Princess sniff her face. That's getting a little too close for comfort but Princess gets by with it. I reckon the mama cat trusts Princess, or is it me that she trusts? I love animals! FYI: Princess was legally proclaimed a service dog (seizure alert) as of June of 2002. She has been one since November of 1994 but now she has the papers for identification. Princess wears a service dog vest and carries her papers in the side pockets. What a real blessing she has been for me, especially since the seizures came back on as of December 2002 after a work related injury in Waikiki and the stress of fighting workers compensation and workers compensation doctors. My daughter does not realize how much she blessed me by having me get this dog I call Princess. Animals, especially the canine kind, are truly a woman's bestest friend. Copyright © Carolyn B. Hebert 1999

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Note: Someone made a comment about the word Man being striken out. That is not a liberalist statment. I am not a feminist. Traditionally the statement has been Man's Best Friend. Although that supposedly translates to mean mankind, since I am a female, I was making the statement that in this case the canine (dog) was a Woman's (MY) Best Friend.

My Love

My love gives unconditional love and devotion no matter my appearance, make-up or no make-up dressing up or dressing down, wearing a smile or wearing a frown. My love is always there loving me no matter what the circumstance. Each morning with the rising of the sun before the alarm goes off, my love lays across my body, looks into my eyes, kisses my hands, and snuggles to my face. My love rises with me and shares a morning walk. My love enjoys being by my side. When life presents some happiness my love is excited with me. When life presents pain and hurt, my love doesn't travel the road of self pity but comes to my aid with a loving heart and gently lifts my spirit. When I'm tired or sick and need to rest, my love joins me on my bed and snuggles close to my back. My loves' warmth warms my heart and soothes my spirit. If my love misinterprets something I've said or done, my love is quick to forget and quick to forgive. Morning, noon, and night time I praise my love and thank God for bringing my love to me. My precious little Princess, my heaven sent LOVEABLE DOG! Copyright © Carolyn B. Hebert 2001 I praise You LORD for making me write this story and poem about my Princess. It brings back good memories. Because of what her veterinarians did to her I was forced to put her to sleep in February 2011 a few days before her seventeenth birthday. She was a very loyal service dog even though she lost her eye sight. There will be a page about that too. Her ashes will go with me when the Lord takes me home. The website listed in Princess' resume is an old one. This is her page and there will be more for her as I upload my website again. The rest of the pages will be uploaded later. Patience please.

Click here view Princess's Resume in pdf format.

Click here to view a video of Princess at Lynda Huebel's lakehouse.

Photo of Princess's face

This about how Princess saved my life. On A Wing and A Prayer

Most of do not know I lived in Hawaii and was part of the coalition to get rid of Hawaii's quarantine law and testified before the Senate and the House of Representative. The quarantine station is covered with grass and weeds now. However, you may view the website below to learn some of the information about quarantine. The article was written in June 2009. Quarantine Hawaii I went into quarantine, some of us didn't survive. The video below is slow but well worth the viewing. Click here: I went to quarantine There are several things you need to know before you move your pet to Hawaii. Actually there are things you need to know before transporting your pet via the airlines. Princess was disgnated a Service Animal in 2003. From that point forward she flew with me lying at my feet. Example of a dog travel crate/passport. Do a simple search for Hawaii Quarantine.

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