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Caricature by Jim Bodrero 1945, subject Charley Bigler. (correct spelling of the name is Charlie Bigler)

caricature of Charley Bigler WWII

The picture is a small scanned copy of a caricature done during WWII by Jim Bodrero. A search for this artist reveals he was a cartoonist for Disney. The words across the top are "I can keep this up for miles." I do still have the original sketch which measures about 11 x 14 inches and it is in excellent shape. A few of Jim's credits are: Make Mine Music (1946) Three Caballeros, The (1944) Victory Through Air Power (1943) (story adaptation) White Heat (1934) Dumbo (1941) (character designer) Fantasia (1940) (character designer) (segments "The Pastoral Symphony" and "Dance of the Hours") Jim Bodrero This was the reply my friend, Pat in Houston, received regarding if Jim Bodrero is alive or deceased. "He died sometime ago." Kind Regards, Paul Paul F Anderson Editor/Publisher James S Bodrero b. 07/06/1900, d. 02/06/1980 Buried in Los Angeles National Cemetery The next page has a picture of Daddy Bigler and WWII memorabilia.


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