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Daddy Bigler ~ WWII

      picture of daddy Bigler in the South Pacific WWII      

The 592nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment Hut

picture of 592nd Hut in the South Pacific WWII

THE AMPHIBIAN ENGINEERS By Captain Herbert Glodt 2d Engineer Special Brigade


Ride the surf on blunt-nosed barges, Guns and fighting men our charges. Hit the beach at crack of dawn. Land them safely, calm or storm. Fight on shore 'till beach-head's won. Then the task is just begun. Clear the sands, blast a road. Return to bring another load. Set the range lights. Mark the reef. From D Day on there's no relief. Creep her in...rough approach Big waves high...apt to broach. Man the fifties! Get that plane! Keep on shooting 'spite the pain.


Strange jargon for Army men "Ramps" and "Props," "Swing Ship at Ten." Lines and pumps, decks to swab. Coxswains, seamen on the job. Tell me of these men I pray thee Bastard child of Army, Navy. Are they soldier" Or Marine? Mayhap something in between. "In between" is right, I'd say, "Tween the rough sea and the star. "Tween the near shore and the far, "Tween the rough sea and the star. "Tween the yellowman and freeman, Stands this half-breed soldier-seaman.

(taken from the original copy of The Military Engineer dated May, 1944)

image of YANK newspaper Tokyo Edition     image of YANK newspaper South Japan Edition

I have these two newspapers still in tact and readable. Amazing! The one on the left was printed in Tokyo, dated September 7, 1945. And the one on the right, South Japan, is dated September 21, 1945. Plus I have more WWII memorabilia. Click on the links below to view the complete Roster for the 592nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment. Select the box below to open in secondary window. Click on the images to enlarge them. Harold Alexander through Abe Heitner Lester Heizman through Joe Sportum John ? Sova through Marvin Rupp

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