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Daddy Bigler ~ WWII Slide Show Two

      picture of daddy Bigler in the Southwest Pacific WWII      

These are scanned images of original photos taken in the Pacific Theatre, primarily
in New Guinea. There are 22 slides and 6 items to click to view. This slide show
has the nurses tents, all the pages from a small Japanese log book that has handwritten 
names and addresses of both men and women who must have been people daddy met during 
the war. All of the pictures are different sizes.

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The following image was scanned from page 92 in Put 'em Across. It reads: FLAK LCM No. 320. Closeup of the Martin turret twin 50cal. machine gunners in position. Click here for the image. It is large. For a copy of a scanned image of a WWII New Guinea and Bismark Archipelago map from page 32 in Put 'Em Across. Click here The 592nd won honors presented to them in 1945. Click here to read a scanned copy of the document in pdf format. It is a scanned copy from the Put 'Em Across. General Orders, War Department, No. 66, Washington 25 D. C., 10 August 1945. Click here for a scanned copy of a letter signed by Lieutenant General H. L. Eichelberger. Click here for another letter signed by Major General Hugh Casey. Click here for another letter signed by W. F. Heavy, Brigadier General, United States Army. The aditional note is signed by Walter XKrueger, General, United States, Commanding.


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