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You know you're reaching AARP age when

1. You're reading more about health issues.    

2. You start looking at AARP benefits.     

3. You stop partying till 2 am  

and go to bed around 9 or 10.    

4. "Bud" is still your favorite drink because,  

"I've reached this age and it ain't hurt me yet."   

5. Smaller food portions are 

more appealing to your stomach.    

6. You wear a baseball cap everywhere you go 

to cover your balding spots.    

7. You tell it like it is. If people don't like it,  

that's their problem.     

8. You finally reached the age where 

you don't sweat the small stuff.     

9. You stick closer to your budget  

in preparation for old age.    

10. You wear reading glasses because 

the eye chart has some how changed.    

11. You're older than your mother 

'cause she is still 39 and holding! 

Happy Birthday!

Copyright © Carolyn B. Hebert aka Moonlightflower

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