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bleeding black rose, representative of the abortive baby.

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As we go through the sands of life we walk to the beats of different drummers. The journey begins in our mother's womb floating freely as a "baby fish" in a gentle ocean of amniotic fluid; feeling her emotions with each movement, slow, quick, or none. Copyright © 1997 Carolyn Bigler aka Moonlightflower

The petals of a rose are as delicate as can be. That's why it has a stem of thorns to protect its' liberty. Each petal torn and plucked apart reminds us of the steps the day Christ carried His cross, walked for us, and gave His life away. To protect us from a life of sin, His life plucked out by the hands of men. A crown of thorns placed upon His head that pricked Him first and then He bled, reminds us as each time we're pricked by a thorn on a long stemmed rose, unlike the rose that has its' thorns, the unborn child has no defense. To pluck its' life out limb by limb to me does not make sense. God who created "the bang" and "the ape", regardless of what you believe, by His Might and by His Power first created "the you" and "the me." How can a God who created man allow such a tragedy? I'm quickly reminded "It isn't ME." That's done by "the you" and "the me." "Man" made his choice and took Christ's life but we know that Christ arose. The abortionist, by man's own choice, creates a Helpless, Lifeless ROSE. Published in "Sparkles In The Sand" Copyright © 1995 Carolyn Bigler Hebert aka Moonlightflower (that's me!)

bleeding black rose, representative of the abortive baby.

The Helpless, Lifeless Rose poem earned me Poet of Merit Award from International Society of Poets (ISP) 1995. A special note: I did not chose to write this poem. A voice awakened me at 4:30 in the morning when I was staying with a friend in Michigan. The words were coming to me and would not leave me alone until I got up and started typing them. I had my computer but no access to the internet. I said, "Lord, there isn't a title for this poem." A voice spoke back to me and said, "It will be at the end of the poem." Click here to download the poem as a bookmarker. There are three on the page. It's a pdf document with landscape format. Print on photo paper, cut the three out and pass them forward. My copyright is on them.

baby in hands.

    National Right To Life

National Right To Life; click on their logo next to the baby. "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

When I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was a closed head injury nurse on the pediatric unit at a rehabilitation center. I also worked on the surgery floor of a hospital where a patient of mine had an abortion performed by her doctor injecting her with prostaglandins. I refused to do the injection. Her little girl looked like a Barbie Doll lying there with her heart beating oh so fast as little ones do. She breathed her last breath after about 1 1/2 hours lying under a receiving blanket in a closet in the operating room. The prostaglandins induced labor but the child was allowed to die. At sixteen weeks the child was not viable life but it was a life. If a sperm is dead and / or an egg is dead then a life/fetus cannot be formed. Therefore, there IS life at conception. There is no difference in aborting a baby while in its mother's womb or killing your child in your home, in its crib, or pushed out in front of an 18 wheeler in hopes the child would die (it really happens people). I took care of a young boy whose dad cut his chest open and ripped the child's heart open and punctured the child's lungs. The dad was jealous of "two men" being in the same house. The child survived but was completely dependent for all bodily functions. I don't know how long he lived because I moved back to Texas. The child's father went to prison. Want to know more? Ask me. Question 1: Why is it murder if a mother were to kill her newborn baby in its crib when she brings it home from the hospital but when a baby is aborted too many people refuse to call that MURDER? Think about the babies that are found in dumpsters. If your mother were Pro-Choice, you probably would not be reading this. Question 2: Pro-Choice people say that a women has a right to do what she wants with HER Body. What gives her the right to do what she wants with that of her unborn baby which is NOT Her Body but A New Life? Think about it. Life is too short and JESUS IS COMING AGAIN and SOON! And yes, I have also been a speaker for Right To Life. I've true life horror stories to tell. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” KJV The Lord knew everyone of us before we were even conceived in our mother's womb.

Update May 2004: A friend of mine on the north east coast shared with me how she showed this page to a girlfriend of hers and how shocked and amazed they were because her friend had given her daughter up for adoption rather than have an abortion. The amazing part is, the child was a little girl and she had named her Rose. For years this mother prayed for her daughter and the daughter ended up doing a search and finding her. So her prayers were answered. The reason for the adoption is personal but not a nice story as many are not but filled with tragedy or tragedies. This really gives my poem "The Helpless Lifeless Rose" more power and more meaning, especially since the words just came to me early one morning when I was staying at a friends' in Michigan. How awesome that a child named Rose would be saved.

bleeding black rose, representative of the abortive baby.

Texas Right To Life


Michigan Right To Life

Live Action is about getting involved in Human Rights which includes sex trafficking of children , pro-life information, how abortions are done, coverup of abuses and more. Click on the link for Live Action. Learn, get informed, don't listen to gossip and be misinformed. Get the facts straight. Click on the link. The following link takes you to the second page for Helpless Lifeless Rose. Included on the page are links to the history of abortion in the United States. Also included is the 2016 presidential candidates stand on abortion. They were not much different than the 2020 election. Trump was and still is Pro-life. Biden is very much Pro-choice as is his vice president, Kamala Harris. Heaven help us because Biden is our new president, fraudulantly but he is. The devil is the father of lies and fraud. I will leave that at that. Please make note of the warning. There are two websites that are NOT suitable for young viewers.

Information about Abortions

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