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Huggable, Lovable Teddy Bears

bashful teddy bear

An imaginary live Teddy bear; If they could share their thoughts, this is what we just might hear. animated tumbling teddy bear There are Teddy bears that look so huggable and lovable, but if we're out of reach with A sign, 'No no, untouchable', that means we're collectables. teddy bears dressed up Some Teddy bears get to ride in police cruisers to greet children in distress. angel teddy bear They become Velcro Teddies and get to wear Doll's best dress and through Children's tears, they listen to sad stories no one else hears. butterfly teddy bears I'm a Teddy always ready for hugs and playing peek-a-boo to turn a frown into a happy coo. animated teddy bears I'm squeezed, then hugged till I pop a stitch or two, but a stitch in time saves nine and Mom say's I'll be fine. Been set on, stepped on, spit upon too, even used for a ball, dragged through the hall. But I'm still here for the long haul, 'cause I'm a huggable, lovable Teddy bear. teddy bear with kitten I've been lost under the bed, sometimes in the bottom of the toy bin and it's lonely till I'm found again. Oh! That darn old sippy cup just dripped all over me and I think I have a wad of gum on my bum. Now washer here I come, then the dryer, but that's okay, don't cry. I'll be back better than before all warm, fluffed up and ready for more. teddy bear with blue flowers There have been so many winter, spring, summer, falls, and all is quiet in the hall. No more finger prints on the wall. The Children are all grown and gone. Now I get a gentle hug from tearful Mom. two teddy bears hug Several Christmas' and New Years' four, maybe more, have come and gone. Now it's Valentines and the birth-day of a new born. Soon the Easter bunny will be here in disguise, with all those colored eggs to hide. Great! Now what comes first, the bunny or the egg and where does the Chicken come in...? teddy bear with hearts Grandma has a plan, I've just been dusted off with her gentle hands. Soon there will be pitter-patter of little feet down the hall and finger prints on the wall. This Huggable, Lovable Teddy Bear is ready again for the long haul! Copyright Ann Sullivan 06/2002 animated walking teddy bear

The graphics website I got the teddy bear graphics from no longer exist. To listen to Bing Crosby sing Teddy Bear Picnic on You Tube click here. For a different vocal version of Teddy Bears Picnic click here Opens in Quick Time. To download the lyrics to the song, click here.
teddy bears

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