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Marriage: A Ministry or Joint Ministries If we think of a marriage as a ministry or joint ministries, each other's anointing should "rub off" on the other. That is how they, the couple, can become as one. Just as the body of Christ under an anointed ministry, if the members are supporting that anointing they "profit" from that anointing because that anointing "rubs off" on the supportive members. In the case of a marriage, it is one member to the other member, being supportive of each other's "calling". Our "calling" is the God planted goals and dreams. To not hearken to that "calling" is to not hearken to the voice of God. Too often we do not receive the training needed or required to know how to discern the difference between wants and needs, between our goals and dreams and those others want for us. It is when we are following our true goals and dreams, the desires of the heart, the design for our life from God, that our path will be smoother and the course steadier. However, life is not void of obstacles and hurdles. If our gifts/talents are a gift from God and our gift back to Him is how we use our talents, if a husband or wife is a gift from God then our gift back to God is how we treat our husband or wife. Coming together out of need is to feed on weakness; so how can one expect a healthy relationship in that case? Marriage is a union of like or common talents, interests, and goals. Sad too often society considers those commonalities chemistry which is nothing more than sex addiction or materialism which is a what is in it for me attitude. Too many people think "ministry" is preaching. A "ministry" is utilizing our talents to best serve mankind, our families and ourselves. How fortunate if that "ministry" is our vocation. Follow your heart, not your sex glands. Listen to that still small voice of God. Choose wisely, choose Godly. Copyright © 1998 Carolyn Bigler (Hebert) aka Moonlightflower The music: "The Wedding Song" The person in the photo: Carolyn, the author of this site and this poem, photo taken in 1980, no makeup and hair up, cameo from Rome, Italy. The event: fashion show for the Ark-La-Tex Antique and Classic Car Association Car Show at Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport, Louisiana. The dress was an authentic 1900's wedding dress on loan from the Dusty Ruffle Vintage Clothing Store in Bossier City, La.

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