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My God and I

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When day is done and we're alone, My God and I, I take the time to bow my head and thank Him 'fore I go to bed for helping me with all my chores. We made the beds and scrubed the floors. We washed the clothes and washed the dishes, fed the dog and fed the fishes, prepared the meals and paid the bills. Yes, my God and I. We rushed the children off to school so they could learn the golden rule. One tried to stay at home in bed. I think he's just a sleepy head. So now at night I go to bed and thank Him for the things I've said. For with His tender loving touch, I know He loves me very much. And when I wake upon the 'morrow, I pray again this poem to borrow. That when once more the day is done, again I'll thank Him for what we've done. Yes, My God and I. Copyright © Carolyn Bigler Hebert 1973

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