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Ol' Betsy An' Me

Well, ol' Betsy an' me we're a goin' ta town. Bin a long, long time since ol' Betsy's been aroun'. I bin sorta busy a milkin' the cows. Bin a milkin' so long my back hurts an' how! Anyways I bin a milkin' early each morn' an helpin' tha new calves jest bin born. Bin plowin, tha gar'en an' a hoein' each row. Plantin' peas an' taters an' a hopin' they grow. Got greens an' corn an' okrey fer stew. Ifen yu think life's bin easy then let me tell yu. Hired han' upen lef sevral years back. Don't reckon I'll ever know whar he's at. Bin mowin' tha pastures an' mendin' tha fence an tellin' a few yarns ain't make much sence. Bin feedin' tha chikens an' slopin' tha hogs, cuttin' tha firewood an' yellin' at my dogs. Raised seven younguns ma an' me. One fer every day o' tha week. First came Sarah, an' Mary an' Tommy, Willy an' Teddy an' Frankie an' Sonny. Now theys all grown it's jest ma an' me. That's why we're goin' ta town ol' Betsy an' me. Gonna get sumthin' spechul fer ma doncha see? We're a goin' ta town ol' Betsy an' me. Zo-o-o-m-m! What is it this thin' called a freeway? Looks like theys a goin' ever which away! O-o-wee! I'm a goin' on home! Bin a long, long time since ol' Betsy's bin gone. Them cars on tha freeway keep a flyin' on by! Poor ol' Betsy mite near upen died! Gotta get back home ta sum huggin' an' kissin'. Gonna tell ma, (chuckle) they's ain't nuttin' she's a missin'! Copyright © Carolyn Bigler Hebert 1973 But my last name was Langford at that time.


To view and listen to the song Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah click on this link. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah This song is from a 1946 Disney movie, Song of the South. I am 75 and remember the song from tap classes. It's a fun song to sing! To download the lyrics click here.

This poem was inspired by an old timer who was stopped for going too slow on LBJ Freeway in Dallas, Texas. The minimum speed was 45 mph. It had been ten years since he had been to the big city. Can you imagine the growth and changes made in that length of time? This happened in the 1960s. Really, he was driving an open touring car on Loop 635 ! The poem is written in broken english and the use of the apostrophe takes the place of the letters d and g. My then father-in-law wrote his letters to us in broken English but he did not speak in broken English. My children grew up on a beef cattle ranch in east Texas. We all worked at the ranch so I do know about ranch life.

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