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Itís A Dogís Life in Hawaiiís Quarantine (NOT!)

This is called ďDay OneĒ but to me it is day three and I donít like it. Will I ever see my owner again? Why am I here? What did I do to deserve this separation? First, my owner brought me to this big place that I hear people call an airport. Thatís funny because air is everywhere. It surely didnít look like a port. I thought a port is where ships go. I guess an airport is where air goes. Maybe thatís correct because there sure were a lot of people giving wrong directions to my owner. I think I heard some people say those people were full of hot air. I wonder where cold air goes! My owner had to leave me at the airport in Texas because the place on the airplane where I was supposed to ride had an air problem. Some man said the compartment had a malfunction in the air-conditioning. Gee, they condition air too! I think I do prefer a dogís life. People are so complicated! Okay, so Iím a dog but I surely donít like being treated like a dog. I have never been separated from my owner since I was a baby. She went away for a few days and a nice lady took care of me. But my owner came back. Now look at me. Iím a nervous wreck! This place is so big and they put all the dogs in cages and separate us from the cats. Oomph! This is "prison." I canít chase the cats and forget playing with friendly dogs. Gr-r-r-r this is a "prison" life. This is called quarantine. NOT!
Wow! Look at the birds here! Oops! Darn it. I canít catch one. What a life. Separated from my owner, canít chase cats, canít play with friendly dogs. Yep, this is no fun. Scratch, scratch. No dirt! I canít even dig up dirt. Canít hide my toys. Oh, I donít have my toys. This surface is hard. What did I do to deserve this? Okay, where am I supposed to potty? I canít scratch the ground, canít chase the birds, and I donít hear the cats anymore. Now there is no place to potty. Why am I here? Ah, a pigeon! Ouch! That hurt! Why canít I get to it? That wire is hard and it hurts. Smart birds they have here. They know I am in this "prison" living an abandoned dogís life and I surely canít get to them. Hey, you over there. Yes, you, the longhaired white dog. Why are you here? Your owner left you here too. How long are you in for? Four months? Oh, your owner is in the military and she didnít have a local address before you came here. I feel sorry for you. If you wanna keep me company please donít bark so much. You sure are a little yapper. Where is my owner? My crate is outside of this prison cell. How do they expect me to get to my crate to sleep? Where am I supposed to sleep? This floor is too hard. My pillow got left in Texas. Texas! I miss Casey and all the dogs I got to play with before I came here. Gee, I had freedom at the lake. I played without a leash. That was some vacation! Now, Iím abandoned in quarantine "prison". My heart is broken. My owner, Carolyn, gee I remember her name. Will she remember mine? Where oh where has my dog owner gone? Where oh where can she be? With her hair dark and long, gee what a sad song. Ha, I have to make my own music. No music, no television, no nothing. All alone am I. Quietly I sigh Ďcause nobody cares. I just as well try to make myself comfortable. Iíll check this "prison" cell out.
What is this? I canít even smell anybody giving me water. They donít have to. This metal thing keeps water in the bowl. I guess thatís nice but Carolyn always brought me fresh water every day. Then I got jump on her and lick her and love on her. This is no fun. Now, where to sleep? No blanket, no pillow, no bed, no comfort, and no warm body to cuddle with before I get in my bed. Woe is me. This is not what I call a dogís life. Aha, there is another room to this cell. Maybe I can sleep on that platform. I never slept outside before. Well at least it isnít really cold here like back home. Home...I have heard some people say home is where the heart is. My heart is oh so broken. Where is Carolyn? Why canít she be with me? This is still day one but it has been two days since I was with Carolyn. We stayed at a hotel one night because we missed our flight. Thatís because some ignorant people gave us wrong directions for where we were supposed to catch our flight. Then the next day I was not allowed to fly on the same airplane with Carolyn. Remember the air-conditioning problem? A strange lady took me away and put me in a kennel. She was nice to me but I was never kenneled before. The next day they put me on the airplane. Then in Hawaii, they took me from the airplane and brought me here to this "prison." Yes, I was really REALLY scared and I DID miss Carolyn! Day two Ė Last night was rough. People call this paradise. I donít believe it. Hey, Iím still alive! I hear a familiar voice. It sounds like my owner, Carolyn. Oh please be real! Say Iím not dreaming oh please oh p l e a s e ! Day 2 here but a nightmare for me. It's three days alone without Carolyn. Yes! Ouch, this fence hurts when I jump on it. Canít wait to jump up on my ownerís lap. Pant pant... gee my tongue is dry. Yes, I see her! Big smile here folks. Hey you over there! Yes, you the golden retriever. Are you jealous? See my owner! Sheís coming my way. Oh, she opened the gate! Freedom at last! I know she will let me out and take me with her. While rubbing my body against my ownerís legs...Oh nice! You feel so good! Kiss me! Hug me! Pick me up! Let me jump on your lap. I miss you so much! Lick, lick on her arms. Lick, lick on her face. I have missed this. Oh please donít leave me here. I am so happy now! Oh thank you! You brought me a pillow. Alright! Wait a minute. If you brought me a pillow, that means you arenít going to take me with you. Iím doomed. Go ahead, clean my crate and put it in that extra room in my cell. Watch me. Iíll jump in it and show you. No, donít touch me. Iím mad at you now. Go away. My heart is broken into a bunch of pieces. I guess Iíll live my life in dreams, smelling your scent on MY pillow. What a dogís life. You say I have to stay here for how many more days? Twenty-eight? You will take me away some day. You have to find a place for us to live. But where do you live now? In a room? But we lived in a room before. Why canít I be with you? Oh, this is Hawaii and they want to make sure I donít have rabies? Didnít those people check my records? I have had a vaccination every year from when I was a baby. I ainít no kid anymore or have you noticed? I just had a birthday and I AM seven years old! Oh, you say that doesnít make any difference, that I should be happy I only have to stay for thirty days. Some pets have to stay four months. That doesnít make me feel any better. Can you come see me every day? I miss you. No!? Now Iím going to cry. You say that on Mondays and Fridays they wonít let you come visit me. That hurts. Please take me from this "prison." The other dogs bark too much. They miss their owners too. I canít help them. I canít play with them and keep them company.
Day three Ė Yes! Carolyn is bringing a male friend. Oh, he smells nice. Watch out mister, here I come! You smell good. Let me lick you. Your legs taste good. Do you wear shorts all the time? I like this. You like me too. I can tell. You said dogs never lie. We share our feelings better than people do. Your hands are gentle. You are a nice man. Ha! Youíre funny too! You took my pillow and threw it on the floor, got down on your knees, and rubbed your face on my pillow. No wonder my owner likes you so much! You treat me kindly. I wanna to get to know you more. Will you come visit me again? Yes? Oh goody!
Day four Ė I made it through another night. It sure is lonely waiting for Carolyn. Why canít she come see me in the morning? Why canít she sleep with me? I wanna go home. These people feed us in the afternoon. Carolyn kept dry food in my bowl all day for me. I could eat when I was hungry. I sure do miss her. Day five Ė This is one of those days Carolyn was talking about. Sheís not allowed today. But wait, I see somebody coming my way! Itís a man. He picked up that rubber thing outside my cage. What is he doing? Oh, please donít get me wet. Iím an inside dog, not an outside dog. Whew, it stinks in here. Thanks for cleaning my cell. I couldnít help myself. There was no place else to potty! Day six Ė It is hours before my owner comes to see me. Why canít she come in the morning? Oh goody, she brought me some toys! And she brought me some bacon bit doggy treats! Oh she still loves me! I love you so much. Take me home with you. She always tells me she will see me in a few hours but it is always a lot of hours, seems like forever to me. Day seven Ė Nothing has changed. Carolyn doesnít come to see me until late afternoon. Doesnít she know that I am here all day? I miss waking up and seeing her smiling face and hearing her say, ďI love you, Princess. You are my sweetheart girl.Ē I miss that so very much. What is happening to me here? Day eight Ė It rained last night and I got wet. The back room in this "prison" cell has walls but rain can still get in around the roof. Roof..oh yeaÖ..ruff ruff..grr-r-r-r. That is how I feel but Iím too tired to growl. I am tired and Carolyn doesnít love me anymore or she would take me away.
Day nine Ė uh oh, this is one of those days my owner does not come. Itís when those men spray water on the floor and cleans my cell. I hope I donít get wet again. One more day and I hope Carolyn comes to get me. Another lonely night without her. I can't even play with my toy. Somebody stuffed it in the fence high where I canít get it and the tennis ball is a dud. It wonít bounce at all. Gee, nothing to play with. Only dumb conversation with the other dogs. All they want to do is bark at everybody that passes by. Donít they know it wonít help? Day ten Ė Yea! Carolyn came to see me and she took a nap with me! She put my pillow on the floor and lay down with me. Oh, I am in heaven. I knew it wouldnít last. She left me again. Is she planning to leave me here forever? Will I ever go home with her? Day eleven Ė Carolyn came today and brought a newspaper. She was looking for an apartment. Boy howdy, was she discouraged. Too many apartments donít accept pets. Uh oh, will she get rid of me? Now I am worried. I am really getting sick here. Well, itís off to my bed and donít you touch me. I am tired and I am angry and I really donít know if I still love you.
Day twelve Ė Rats. One of those water spray days again. Day thirteen Ė Same old routine. Carolyn stays awhile and leaves again. This is getting to be a boring routine. When will it end? Day fourteen Ė What happened? Carolyn did not show up today. Oh no! Is that man, Stan, my new owner? Will he come take me away? Is Carolyn well? Where is she? Day fifteen Ė Oh how happy I am! Carolyn came to see me and she said she loves me and I am her sweetheart girl! Oh thank you! But she left me again. Will I survive? Will I be here forever? She said she will take me home one day. What day will that be? Day sixteen Ė Another clean the "prison" cell day. Bummer. Day seventeen Ė Yea! Carolyn brought me another toy and more bacon treats! They are my most favorite doggie treat. She does love me! Wait, where are you going? When are you going to take me home? Okay, see you in a few hours. I know what that means, another night without her. Day eighteen Ė Yummy I got a heartworm pill today. Hey isnít it a little early for that? Oh, you say you wonít be here on the first of the month. You say your boyfriend, Stan, will be here instead of you. Heís a nice man but I sure prefer you to him. You are who has always kept me safe and loved me. Take your old stupid newspaper with you. You better find an apartment and soon. I want out of here. Day nineteen Ė Another boring and very lonely day. Day twenty Ė What? Thereís that nice man, Stan, but Carolyn isnít with him. What happened? Is she sick? Is she okay? Does she still love me? Nice man. He brought me a tennis ball and does it ever bounce! Okay, I played ball with him for a little while but Carolyn isnít with him so off to bed I go. See ya later mister.
Day twenty-one Ė Yippee! Carolynís here! Oh, I love you! When can I go home? Yea, you say in a few days. I canít wait but I guess I have no choice. Hey you, golden retriever. Did you hear that? Iím going with my owner in a few more days. Oh, you are too! Wow! I wish you luck buddy. Hey, donít get fresh with me. My owner had me fixed. I donít want a boyfriend. Besides, I donít know where we will be living. I hope not in a bedroom like before. Please let it be a place with a yard. I really miss having a yard. Day twenty-two Ė Oh, itís Stan again. I like you mister but you just are not my owner. Please pet me. I like it when you stroke my head and behind my ears. Thatís nice. Sorry, Iím not good company. I really do miss Carolyn. When you see her, tell her I miss her and ask her if she misses me too. Kiss her for me will ya, huh? Yes! Thanks, Mister Stan! Day twenty-three Ė Woe is me. Itís another clean the "prison" cell day. The warden comes around with that water hose. I should be glad he keeps this cell clean or it would stink. This is not a comfortable situation. Day twenty-four Ė Where is Carolyn? She should be here by now. Stan visits me on days she doesnít come. She said I will be going home soon but she isnít here. Who do I trust now? Iím getting sick. Well I do have my own bed and she brought me some blankets. They keep me warm at night. Day twenty-five Ė Carolyn is late. What is happening? Oh, there she is. She didnít miss after all. Oh, her truck broke down and she came by taxi. What is a taxi? I love you. Take me home please.
Day twenty-six Ė Boring clean the cell day. I am really getting tired of this. I donít get much sleep. I think Iím losing weight. Carolyn rarely comes to visit. Is she telling me the truth? Am I going to live here or leave here? Day twenty-seven Ė Oh, here she comes! And she is bringing a toy! I love you! Is this the day I go home with you? Iíve missed you so much. Can you tell, Iím losing weight. I donít eat all my food. I know it is the same as you fed me before I came here. Hmm-m-m did you start feeding me the same food because you are going to leave me here? Now Iím really worried. Yep, gone again. When will you come back? Two days? Thatís too long. Wait! I get to go home with you in two days? Oh I am happy! Wait, tomorrow is another day without you. Are you telling me the truth? Day twenty-nine Ė Aw shucks. Clean the cell, boring no music, no television, no cat chasing, no dirt digging, no one to play with day. Day thirty Ė Yes, there she is! Oh, and she is carrying my leash. I hope Iím not dreaming. Put my leash on and hurry. I want out of here. Hey, we need help. Please carry my crate. Thanks. Thatís a better use for that cart than bringing me food. This means I am going home. Oh happy day! Freedom!!! I donít think I could have survived staying here any longer without you. Alright you dogs over there. I wish you the best. Think about me when you go to sleep tonight. That is if you get much sleep around here. Good-bye!
As an added note from Carolyn: My apartment building number was 401. Princess arrived the day after me and her kennel number was 401. Can you explain that? Thanks to Stan, Princess qualified for only 30 days. Bless her heart, she had been mauled by 2 dogs 2 months prior to our arrival and almost didn't survive the attack. She coded after that attack and I did CPR on her. A respiratory therapist told me I did the right thing and saved Princess' life. My blood pressure has been elevated ever since, knowing she had to go into quarantine. I've never had high blood pressure before. That was rather frightful for both of us. So we have saved each other's lives. Princess and I had a very special bond. Did you take note that Princess was left behind in Houston. It was actually three days before I could visit her. Then on day five they sprayed her "prison" cell with the water hose. Can you imagine the stinch in these cells with dogs peeing and pooping where they were not trained to relieve themselves? Can you also imagine the dogs and cats that got sick because of not releiving themselves because of living on concrete while in quarantine? Yes, many animals died in quarantine. Circus animals did not have to go into quarantine. Interesting. But that is another story.
In February 2011, I was forced to put Princess to sleep due to some things her veterinarian did to her. Click here to view a nice photo of her on our sailboat, Dolphin. From Princess: My personal information: Date Of Birth: February 14, 1994, Fort Worth, Texas, I love pizza! I am Italian you know. Oh, I lost 2 teeth while in quarantine and had to have one pulled because it was so loose. Ouch! That hurt but the stitches came out by themselves. Gee, I had to take pain medicine and antibiotics too. Yuk! But if we went back now, I would not have to go into quarantine because I really am a Service Dog! I was retired for awhile, but Carolyn brought me out of retirement in 2002. Carolyn said she cannot retire me. She still has a lot of stressors and I help to prevent seizures. Carolyn rides a motorized scooter now and I get to ride with her on the floor between her feet. I love Carolyn!
If you want to know about Hawaii's quarantine law email Carolyn, the webmaster. Sh belonged to the Coalition to End Quarantine in Hawaii. Arf! Arf! pant, pant! (oOo) (oOo) FYI: If you want to know more about Service Animals and the Federal Law, go to this ADA Government website: SERVICE ANIMALS IN PLACES OF BUSINESS You would do well to educate yourself to the rights of Service Animals whether you own a place of business or not because chances are you frequent places of business. Guide Dogs for the blind or sight impaired are not the only kind of Service Animal. If you know somebody who would like to acquire a Service Animal, visit this website: The Delta Society More and more places are training Service Animals. If you are discriminated against and/or publicly humiliated because of your Service Animal, call the United States Department of Justice immediately. Their Toll Free Numbers are 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-800-514-0383 (TDD) Ask for the section that deals with service animals and the violation of laws regarding them. Violations of the ADA Law can give you a legal right to sue. However, Princess and I helped to educate a lot of people by doing arbitration. For a generic Service Animal Form click here. Or click here for the pdf version to print. You will need Adobe Acrobat to download the pdf version. Your physician, not your veterinarian, must sign the form. Legally it is not a necessity. But it sure helps when you are out in public and you meet people ignorant to the ADA Federal Law. When Princess and I lived in Nederland, Texas, we had a neighbor dog that would come over and harrass Princess, sometimes trying to play. That dog was still a puppy and rough. I went to the owner's home and informed them it is a Federal Offence to injure a service animal. They kept their dog contained from that point foward. There was a leash law anyway and the dog should not have been roaming loose. You may be interested in the laws pertaining to injuring a service animal. For the state of Texas, go here.

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