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The Touch of the Master's Hand


(Mark 8:22-25) Jesus restored the vision of a blind man in two stages. After stage one the man saw men as trees walking around but he did not see clearly. Jesus touched the man a second time, stage two, and the man then saw clearly. When our vision is muddled and unclear we need to stop and take a second look. There may be something we are missing. A touch of the Masterís hand can clear our vision and our thinking. Do not go by first impressions for they are not always accurate. You must become familiar with people, their heritage, and their manner of saying and doing things before you can really know them. However, avoid over familiarity. Do not act or react unless you can see the whole forest. Princess was blessed with a wonderful veterinary eye doctor who restored her vision in September 2006 by removing her cataracts. But within seven months she lost her vision due to the tainted dog food. The tainted food made her sick. The force of the throwing up caused pressure which caused the retinas to detach. Remember, she had the surgery only months prior. Her eyes were sensitive from the surgery. First the vision in her left eye was gone and then the right eye. Although blinded, Princess acted like she was still sighted. She must have seen her image or the light reflecting off the many mirrors on this mirrored disc in Kentucky. In the van she appeared to be looking out the window as she always did. She sat on her bed on the middle seat and looked out the window, or so it appeared. She would look toward me, of course from the sound of my voice and my odor. Princess continued to be my seizure alert dog even though blinded. However, now the tasks were changed. She needed me for her sight. And I needed her for her sense of smell to alert me before a seizure. There is a change in body movements no matter how subtle and a change in body odor though humans cannot detect it. My special Princess was sighted even though she was blind. Princess was bonded to me. Some people have sight yet they do not see. Are you the blind man in stage one or are you the blind man in stage two? Are you bonded to Christ? Copyright © 2007 Carolyn B. Hebert John 8:12 Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." The Touch of the Master's Hand is a classic poem by Myra 'Brooks' Welch. Hopefully you will be blessed with this wonderful Wayne Watson rendition of the poem/song. Click here for the video. This is a little different rendition of the same poem/song. This gal sounds a bit like Dolly Parton. Her name is Laurie Lewis. Click here for the video. For the lyrics to the song The Touch of the Master's Hand click here For this story in pdf format click here. Click here for the full sized picture of Princess looking at the mirrored disc. Or click on her picture at the top of the page.

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