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Why I Love Christ

Christ was born that I might know Him. Christ was a babe in arms that I might know the comfort of the Father's arms. Christ grew as a child that He might know me. Christ was a man to be my example. Christ lived as a single yet one in three for He's part of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christ suffered that I may understand pain. Christ was crucified that I may be resurrected. Christ arose that I might see Him. Copyright © Carolyn B. Hebert 1995


May you be lifted up as on wings of Eagles and gently nestled in our Father's loving arms. May your guardian angel watch safely over you. May you know the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Copyright © Carolyn B Hebert 1995


Click here for a pdf document for the lyrics for If That Isn't Love with and without guitar chords. Elvis sang this song too.

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