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There's An Angel In Your Pocket

When the daily chores of life begin to get you down just take a peak in your shirt pocket for there an angel can be found. When a wish you made today appears to be coming true take a peak in your shirt pocket an angel's watching over you. When you find yourself dreaming and wishing I were there take a peak in your shirt pocket the angel I sent to you is there. She's there to give you comfort to remind you at each day's end with the passing of each sunset I'm still your forever friend. So be careful when you dress and keep this thought in mind that the angel in your pocket is a real close friend of mine. The angel in your pocket comes with God's blessings from above and is my way of telling you just how much you are loved. Keep my love tucked deep inside your heart, carry it with you wherever you may go and you will never be alone. Copyright © Carolyn B. Hebert 2003

Ephesians 4:2 "With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love." Click here to download the poem with a photo of an angel. The angel was a live mannequin angel at Butterly Palace in Branson, Missouri. Click here to download the poem with the angel graphic. Please remember this poem is copyrighted as is the photo.

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