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Videos and photos regarding Tropical Storm Edouard Port Neches, Texas


This page was online in 2008 and today October 7, 2016 I am uploading it again. The camera I used was a refurbished Kodak Z760 6 pixel digital camera. It's amazing the pictures this camera was able to take. Right Click IS enabled on this page. Friday, October 7, 2016: Tropical Storm Edouard was on August 5, 2008 followed by Hurricane Gustav on September 1, 2008 was followed by Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008. That was one of the reasons for moving away from the coast. Do the math, one month's time. Tropical Storm Edouard was not on us at the time I took these pictures. He was a storm headed our way and thus off shore. We did not evacuate for the storm but we did evacuate from Gustav. Before we got back home Ike was in the Gulf of Mexico. I told my husband, Alfred, we were not going to unpack and have to pack again. Although Ike was headed for Corpus Christi, the opposite side of the state, mind you Texas, my mind told me Ike was going to turn and hit us. Ike was 800 miles wide. It is a thousand miles across the state of Texas depending on the beginning and ending points. There was already one and a half feet of water at the Port Arthur Marina which is on Lake Sabine. By the time the hurricane had passed and it was safe to return home, the water marks at the marina were several feet high. Eighty percent of the boats were damaged or completely destroyed. Our sailboat which was a 43 foot Gulfstar Yacht, was lifted out of the slip (water) he was in, carried across land, across another slip area, and landed within feet of the Intracoastal Canal. They sent scuba divers to search for boats that may have landed in the canal. At least one boat did. I am not talking about fishing boats. I have added a few photos at the end of this page that you can click on and see the sizes of those sailboats, especially our sailboat Dolphin. Eventually I might create and upload another webpage with photos of the damage to the marina and the boats. When you are told to evacuate, you better evacuate to higher ground and very far inland. Even on the north end of Toledo Bend and in Carthage, Texas we were without electricity for days for Rita and Ike. My brother who lives in Pennsylvania was without electricity from Ike and friends near Louisville, Kentucky had siding ripped off their house and entire windows blown out, not window panes but the entire window, from Ike traveling onshore and continuuing north. We are watching Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole closely. It is not improbable for the two to merge. It has happened before. Rita was a category 5 before going on land. Hurricanes rotate counter clockwise. If you are on the right side of a hurricane you are on what they call the whip side or the dirty side. On the other side you still get strong winds and storm surges of water. Neither is safe to stay and wait it out. If you are not what is called a prepper, I suggest you begin now. <> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> The beginning of the old webpage: The morning of Tuesday, August 5, 2008 we awoke to strong winds and dark skies. However we knew that Tropical Storm Edouard was already on his way. It was thought that he would hit land at the Galveston and Houston area. Then it was thought he would make land fall at the Lake Charles area which is 40 miles east of us. But I knew that he would make land fall closer to home than that. When the barometric pressure starts dropping it affects my head, to be more exact, it affects my brain. I have had that issue since a brain injury in 1988. I have been very accurate at predicting where storms and especially hurricanes will hit. I took these pictures and videos before breakfast. LOL But being a reporter and photographer for the newspaper when in nursing school many years ago, itís still in my blood. Then too I have pictures of our place and the neighborhood during the weather. I myself ride a motorized scooter but I walked outside. I am not wheelchair bound. It was not easy to brace myself. I was really wind blown and tired but I wanted Alfred to take my picture before I combed my hair. It was not easy to withstand the strong winds to take these videos but I did. The back yard was easier than the front yard because of the eight foot high fence. It was when I went to the front yard and out into the street that I really felt the force of the wind. Whew! Did I ever have to spread my legs to keep from being knocked down! I have not learned how to convert these from .mov files which is what my Kodak digital camera films them as. You will have to click to allow Quick Time to open to be able to view the videos. The screen will not open any larger. Some pictures are turned sideways. I don't know how to rotate the movies. In the first one the wind caught me off balance. I learned I had to really balance myself. And this was the backyard and under the big patio roof too. I had my tape recorder on a storage bin next to me so I was not only videoing this weather I was also recording the sound like I did when I lived in Michigan and we had a snow storm. Backyard View This next one is the backyard including the swimmng pool. It starts toward the storage sheds by the Pecan tree by the storage sheds. Alfred was removing an accordion type pipe he has extended from the drain pipe off the patio roof. He finally just put it in a safe place because it kept being blown away into the pool. Trees Swimming Pool You can really hear the strong wind in these videos. This one begins with the swing that hangs from the Pecan tree by the storage sheds. It's my understanding the wind was gusting to 55 miles per hour. In the back yard I didn't feel it as much as in the front yard because of the eight (8) foot high fence to break some of the wind. It was the front yard and in the street where I had the problem of keeping my balance. Tree Swing in Backyard This next one shows an eight (8) foot high fence swaying from the strong wind. The other fence lines were not swaying like this. The gate for this fence got blown down. Fence on East Side This next video is really short but it shows the Pecan tree in the front yard and one in the backyard on the Hampton street side plus how loud and strong the wind was. This was a real workout in the front yard because I didnít have the high fence to protect me. I was very tired when I got back inside the house. Front Yard - Sasser/Hampton My dog is a Service Dog, Princess, however she is now blind. She had a difficult time with this weather. Since the wind was so strong she just stood around in the back yard listening and giving the appearance of looking. With the wind so strong her sense of smell was affected because the odors were going in every direction. Because the wind was so strong and loud, it affected her sense of hearing. It took quite awhile before she would potty. She could not go in the front yard due to the high winds. In the back yard she had the advantage of the 8 foot high wood fence to block some of the wind. There are eight photos of the sailboats at the Port Arthur Marina after Hurricane Ike. Click on them and they will open in a new window if you have selected to open in second window. Dolphin was our sailboat. Alfred had to pay a large sum of money to have Dolphin lifted out of the mangled pile of boats to be able to access damages. Rita took out Intrepid and not Ike took out Dolphin which was a much larger sailboat. I might create another page and create a slide show of photos from the hurricanes. I was very meticulous with the photos I took of both the sailboat and the house. One of the inspectors Alfred hired showed how the brick wall on the west side of the house moved and made noises. It was so unreal the damages that were not immediately noticable to the naked eye. Photos revealed more damage than we first realized. The insurance company did Alfred wrong with the damages to Intrepid but for Dolphin I did a massive amount of research. The insurance company could not take advantage of us. The last photo is Alfred and me at a luau for TJHS the class of 1968 reunion August 5, 2008. I performed two hula dances for them. Not a bad looking couple for our ages huh? SMILE! We were invited because Alfred was a biology teacher at TJ for nine years before transferring to the Port Neches Groves School District. NOTE: I have to re-upload all of the photos.


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