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DNA TESTERS BEWARE: A special email from Thomas MacEntee is warning DNA testers to be aware of false DNA testing such as Walmart, Best Buy, and any not listed at the website I posted below. These companies testings are SCAMS. You cannot do anything with the results you get from the scams. Plus there is no guarantee what will be done with your DNA sample if not tested with any of the reputable companies. The major DNA testing companies are: Family Tree DNA and Living DNA. I have not tested with Living DNA. Family Tree DNA is the major company, who we tested with and who I endorse. Also know that your DNA sample is used for research but your personal data is not sent with it. You can also request your DNA sample to be destroyed once you have completed all the DNA testing you want done. Recently I learned that Heritage DNA and Ancestry DNA have been hacked. Ancestry and 23andme do not do real DNA testing. They do autosomal which is like Family Finder. You get a lot of matches which could be someone in your family tree, be it a close relative or a common ancestor. Genealogy research is like a patchwork quilt. It is weaving the tapestry of our lives and putting the pieces together. To begin I suggest you take a tip from Algebra which either was or was not your favorite subject in school. However, when you begin to do genealogy research refer back to it. To find the unknown you have to begin with the known regardless of how insignificant you think it is. I traced a family back to Ireland with the use of one picture. It was the information "hidden" in the photo that helped. Some people would call it the "missing link." The picture identified who was in it and where the picture was taken. Behind the person was a display window to a store. In the window was a poster with information about two people running for president. I did a search for the years those men were vying for the office of president. That started the search. The family thought they were from Scotland. They were wrong. A male in the family married a female with the same surname, not related. It was her family that was from Scotland. Sometimes you have to go off on branches as was with this case. Create a timeline with what you have to be known, documented or assumed as in family folklore, stories passed down through the generations. From the timeline you will find the words to use as keywords in searches. Do not ignore historical events because they may have played an important role in your ancestors lives. You may want to begin with your own information. Where you were as a child, your parents were too in most cases. Where you went with your parents/relatives or where they went are clues. Research the places you and/or they visited. That's major clues as to their interests. Most sites you have to pay to join but some are free to join and free to use, some have free trial downloads. I have been actively tracing my family trees, all surnames in my family, since 1999 and my husband's family since 2008. We are related several generations back. What are the surnames you are researching? I am on with over a dozen family trees some of which are research trees I have used for articles. The Italian websites are on a separate page. Australia, Austria, British, Canadian, Czechoslovakia, France, Hungary, Native American, Nova Scotia, Old Mexico, and United Kingdom websites are on this page. You might want to check military records by searching on the state government website. The state of Illinois has websites within theirs. A search on the Texas US government website has the Military Archives website listed. I added it below. I have used state websites to search for Civil War records, birth records, marriage records, death certificates and more. Going directly to the state website for the person you are researching might net you information you cannot find on genealogy websites. Plus you can download them and usually for free. I have done the same for different countries, primarily England and Paris. There is a myriad of books and videos for genealogy research. My nationality is American, born and reared in the United States. My ethnicity is mixed, Anglo-Saxon, French, Irish, Native American (Chitimacha). DNA testing can reveal your heritage, ethnicity. The DNA data bases are still growing. Don't get discouraged. Plus DNA testing might reveal information that is a negative. That's history, the past, and it is okay, live with it, learn from it. Native American heritage can only be found if you know your family history. My great great grandmother was a medicine woman. DNA testing does not prove it. It can show up in your testing up to the 6th generation. It did show in my son's. I do know the tribe because of family folklore. A relative's mother was the sister of my great great grandmother. Something I found very interesting was my great gradmother's mother-in-law was a Borel. Further research down that line revealed I am related to my husband's deceased wife's family. Another interesting fact I discovered was my seventh great grandmother in my maternal/matriach tree was a Sonier. My husband's sister-in-law's maiden name is Sonier. She is married to his brother, Loyd. Genealogy has been a big part of my life since 1999. My brother did the Y-DNA test and I did the mt-DNA test and Family Finder with Family Tree DNA plus I tested with My husband tested with FT-DNA. I had a full clade done on my brother's and my husband's DNA because their DNA matched at only twelce markers. Be careful with paternity testing because many men can match the child's DNA results. I doubt it's actually DNA results but autosomal which is family finder. You would need to know when the couple had sexual relations and know when the woman's ovulation cycle was to know the time frame the child would have been conceived. That is calculated from the time the child is born. There is a formula for it. FT-DNA can now test for many more markers. My son tested with 23andme. FT-DNA is my preference for DNA testing however I have not tried Living DNA yet. They are the newest DNA testing company. They are working on private citizens being able to test DNA from our ancestors from some of their belongings. There are instructions in their website on how to preserve like a hair brush or piece of clothing etc. I tested with however, Family Tree DNA is who I endorse. For information on four of the main DNA testing companies CLICK HERE The video linked above was created before Living DNA was officially launched. Note May 2018 Update: Before testing with any of the FIVE legitimate DNA testing companies read their privacy statements. When you do test set your privacy settings to the degree of privacy you want. Do not test with any company that is not listed on this page. Some websites get removed from the web or the website is moved to a new server. That could cause some links to be dead. Please let me know if any of these links are not active. Suggested Books: The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy Paperback – October 13, 2016 by Blaine T. Bettinger (Author) Genetic Genealogy in Practice Paperback – 2016 by Blaine T. Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne (Author) See my new note at the end of this page.

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These are mostly in alphabetical order. I would also search for specific groups on Facebook such as Lost and Found Genealogy Pictures, specific surname groups and DNA groups. Acadians In Gray Acadian/Cajun history is a website developed in Louisiana and contains historical information. Some family websites listed are not well maintained or not maintained at all. If the name is greyed out, it is not linked. Acadian/Cajun History-Louisiana Ancestry's Main Website Ancestry Australia Website Australia Search Page Ancestry's British Website This next link is for the UK Society of Genealogists, The National Family History Centre, the largest United Kingdom's Family History Society. UK Family History Society This next link is for a UK genealogist forum. They spent several years researching the burial place for Prof. Edwin Stephen Goodrich, a research article I was working on. God bless their faithfulness and help! They have branches everywhere. UK Genealogist Forum Find My Past is a British Website. Find My Past-UK Ancestry's Canadian Website Research France Records Researching French records in ancestry. Research France and Europe Records The 1930 Census in Old Mexico is online now. These records are in Spanish. For best results, you should search using Spanish words and location spellings. Ancestry's Old Mexico Website I cannot vouch for the next three websites.The first is free resources covering Black genealogy, cemetery records, census records, data bases, DNA, military records, Native American, and vital records. The second is completely in French. Open in Chrome and chooose to translate. Next, you will find instructions on how to create your family tree and put it online outside of ancestry etc. There are instructions on how to keep your tree private and invite only family members or friends. They do have some family trees listed and linked. Access Genealogy Open this one in Google Chrome and choose to translate Filae Genealogie Geneanet Google Books This next website has pod casts, e-books, books and much more helps for genealogy research. It was an accidental findings with regards to the change in the calendar in 1752. Ancestral Findings-Italian Notes regarding Double Dating which is about the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian Calendar and added assistance with regards to how the Quakers wrote dates. Double Dating Genealogy Military Archives My grandfather worked as a Merchant Seaman. In his latter days he had his own tugboat and worked for the Corps of Engineers. Next are two websites sent to me for the for the Corps of Engineers records. Since my grandfather lived in Jefferson County, Texas, one link is for the unit in that area around Galveston, Texas. Civilian Personnel Archives US Corps of Engineers Galveston District This next website came to me via a very courteous email from a Diane. Taken from the email: "Our after school program just started a family history project- we're all very excited to start digging! In our search for research tools and info we stumbled onto your page's been tough finding non-spammy sites for the kids so you have our thanks!" Their superstar Mia found the website listed below. You will find it very helpful. It's back to basics and full of wonderful genealogy helps. I was surprised to learn the site is sponsored by Home Advisor! Thank you Mia! Home Advisor Guide to Genealogy My great grandmother was a Goodrich. I have written articles for the Goodrich Family Association newsletter which they call the Goodrich Gospel. It is distributed quarterly. This is the website for their Patriarch Tree DNA. My great great grandfather Homer Goodrich is listed on this page. Goodrich Patriarch DNA & ETC If you are a family historical writer for your family or families you may be interested in joining the Society of Family Historical and Family Writers and Editors. I am a member and entered a writers contest a few years ago. This year my plan is to enter an article hopefully about my grandfather Desire Bernard Dugas. He was an interesting character that was a Merchant Seaman and later owned his own tug boat and worked for the Corps of Engineers. We call this ISHWE with the F silent. It stands for The International Society of Family Historical Writers and Editors. ISFSHWE The next website helps to explain where in your tree a third or fourth cousin might be related to you and how to find the common ancestor. Relationships Finder There are some family trees listed in this next website. Tribal Pages Geni A Family Heritage Website The website below has a list of Fifty Genealogy Websites to Use For FREE. Family History Daily Family Relatives If you browse several of the family daily websites you can find help for Ellis Island records. However here are specific extra ones. Finding Arrival Records Online Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island Castle Garden Records Family Search is a Mormon website. It is FREE to join which enables you to download documents. They have family search libraries across the states. There is one in Tyler, Texas. Check in your area for one. I frequently use this website and have been to one of their centers. Family Search The Nova Scotia website is very slow to load. Nova Scotia Archives Behind the Name: The etymology and history of surnames. Behind the Name Cyndi's List has a myriad of website links for genealogy research. What exactly is Cyndi's List? The portal to the internet with categorized & cross-referenced indexes for the vast genealogy resources available on the Internet. It is another FREE starting point especially for newbies to genealogy research. Cyndi's List The next website is one of the ones that have the ships lists. This link takes you directly to that page. Doing a simple search will also net several websites that have ships lists. I have used this website. You may also find ship's list in Acadians in Gray and in Cyndi's List websites. Ships Passenger Lists Libraries: Australia National Library British Library The Dallas Public Library maintains subscriptions to databases for our patrons to utilize for research. Some of the databases may be accessed from your home computer using your Dallas Public Library card to log in. These databases are marked by an asterisk (*). Others may be used free of charge only in the library, and some may require no login at all. The level of access is noted for each database, but all of them may be accessed free of charge in the Genealogy Section of the Dallas Public Library. Do you have a library card? It might benefit you. Dallas Public Library Genealogy The next library is in France. Know that if you visit France and ask for directions to a library you will get directions to a book store. That is what happened to us. Please note: You need to be able to speak French as this site is no longer translated into English. France National Library Websites for researching Hungarian ancestors. Austria - Hungary Hungarian Village Finder Hungarian Document Exchange Knowing a little Hungarian language might help with the next website. Hungarian Helps Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Czech Genealogical Society Family Tree DNA is the best place to have your DNA tested. They can do more extensive research than the other DNA sites. I have used Family Tree DNA, ancestry's DNA testing and 23andme. However, 23andme could not test my samples so they gave me a refund. Family Tree DNA 23 and me DNA Ancestry offers a free thirty day trial. Click on their DNA testing and choose what you want to order. They match you with people who have done testing with ancestry. Read their privacy information too please. Ancestry for DNA testing How to Preserve and Test Old Letters for Grandma’s DNA is coming of age. Read this article: How to Preserve Ancestors DNA Living DNA is the newest DNA testing company and is researching a way for everyday people to test DNA of deceased relatives/ancestors. The link above tells how to preserve items to be used to test for DNA samples. I wish I had my grandfather's comb and my grandmother's hairbrush. This is done in the movies and will soon be available to ordinary people I call chair side genealogists. In other words we are not forensic officers of the law as seen in movies and television programs. Living DNA The next website is an introduction to Native American DNA testing and information. DNA tests cannot tell you what tribe your ancestry may be associated with. And it may not tell you if you have a Native American bloodline. The degree of NA-DNA drops with each generation stopping at about the fifth or sixth generation. So unless your parents and grandparents were definitely Native American, as a Caucasian looking for Native American in your bloodline, a DNA test may not be the answer. As for me, it showed up in my son's DNA. It may show more in my brothers because each child inherits to different degrees. Ask Family Tree DNA. I don't understand it. If you know any helpful genealogy websites for Native Americans please send them to me. Thank you. Comanche Lodge Iowa Indian Tribes Human Rights Iowa Indian Removal in Iowa Native American Tribes of Missouri Genealogy Helps Tribes in Missouri This next link is to American Indian Census Rolls, not Dawes Roll or US Census. American Indian Census Rolls Introduction to Dawes Roll You can do searches for the different tribes, their lifestyle, wars, etc. Not Native Americans were in the United States. Some were in Acadia also known now as Canada. When the census began many Native Americans took on European names. If a Native American was of a very dark complexion they were considered "Black." If they had a very fair complexion they were considered "Caucasian." If they were neither dark skinned or fair skinned they were considered "Mulatto." Research the history of Native Americans in American History. You will find some shameful things the American government did to them. Black-Hawk-Sauk-and-Fox-leader This is a great YouTube video with regards to researching Native American roots. How to Prove Native American/Indian Ancestry Little known Native American history. It will surprise many. Take if for what it's worth. LAKOTA SIOUX, NA, Columbus, US Government The United States Department of the Interior Indian Affairs. What it is not: a place to seek if your ancestor was registered. Read their About and FAQS pages before you do anything in that website please. Bureau of American Indian Affairs If you are interested in information with regards to family traits handed down that may be negative influences check out this website. Knowing our ancestors to free yourself These two books are educational with regards to our DNA and information that can be helpful with our diet and medical influences from our DNA. They are both by Dr. Sharon Moalem. I have both in hard copy, one purchased at Half Price Books and the other from amazon. The DNA Restart: Unlock Your Personal Genetic Code to Eat for Your Genes, Lose Weight, and Reverse Aging Inheritance: How Our Genes Change Our Lives, and Our Lives Change Our Genes. Genealogical Societies: These are some I know about in our area plus the national conference. You can search for one in your area. My husband and I went to a genealogy conference in San Antonio in 2014. It was very helpful. My article did not win the International Family History Writers and Editors contest but the Goodrich Family Association's Newsletter that my article on Professor Edwin Stephen Goodrich was in won third place. The FGS holds conferences yearly. Federation of Genealogical Societies Cherokee County Texas Genealogy Website East Texas Genealogical Society Geneabloggers: We met Tom MacEntee at the genealogist conference in San Antonio in 2014. He is a facinating and educational speaker. You may want to subscribe to his newsletter. About Tom MacEntee-Geneabloggers Register for Tom MacEntee webinars Geneabloggers Canada Newspaper Archives Genealogy Bank has hundreds of newspapers. Genealogy Bank Military Bases Fold 3 is Military Records Legacy Family Tree has free webinars and products for sale. When you register for a webinar and watch it they offer a promo code to get ten percent off a purchase from their online store. Legacy Family Tree The next website offers many genealogy helps in the form of CDs, books and webinars. What interested me was the family tree charts. Essential Family Tree Forms Library CD Volume 1 Essential Family Tree Forms Library CD Volume 2 Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates CD Updated Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates Shop Family Tree YouTube has free videos about genealogy. Try searching for genealogy helps or be specific for what you are searching for. I searched for Who Do You Think You Are genealogy. Five common mistakes often made by people new to genealogy or even veteran researchers. Common Mistakes In Genealogy You can do a free trial at the next website. It is archived records. This is where you might find a great grandparent's vital statics documents, birth or death certificates etc. I have used this website and Vital Records to purchase birth certificates and death certificates of my parents and some of my ancestors. Archives Helps for Genealogists National Archives and Vital Records National Archives Missing and Dead from Texas Spend time at the next site to search for veterans and military friends. Veterans Friends Roots Web-affiliated with Saving Memories Forever This is only one family surname website. The surname you are researching may have a like website. Some families have reunions. There has been a Cajun Festival in Louisiana and there may be more. I don't always know. Some reunions are in parts of the country where we personally cannot attend. There is a big book called Family Associations which list many family associations. Your family or families may be listed. However, after this next link I have a link to a website that has this sort of help. The Goodrich Family Association This is the link I mentioned above. It is in the Family Education website. Family Associations and Genealogy NOTE: Only Union soldiers are buried in the Nashville National Cemetery in Madison, Tennessee. There are no confederate soldiers buried there. It is an old and beautiful cemetery east of Nashville. I lived in Hendersonville years ago and never knew this was there. Several years ago, my husband and I went to take pictures of four Goodrich union soldiers buried there. My research told me one of those soldiers was an ancestor of mine. But when we took pictures the one who was supposedly mine was not. There were mistakes on the ancestry website. I had to do more research on the soldier who was not my ancestor. Someone else researched my ancestor for me. That too was published. My article "Four Union Goodrich Soldiers Buried in the National Cemetery" was published in a Goodrich Quarterly Gospel. The article for Professor Edwin Stephen Goodrich was also published in a Goodrich Family Association Quarterly. Nashville National Cemetery Peter Dunn and I met via his WWII website and a search. He has a large collection of WWII history in his website. Several years ago I sent him a big collection of my WWII photos for use in his website. My collection came from my father's scrapbook. However, since then someone stole some of the original photos and memorabilia from our home. Australia At War Official sites of US States Texas History Billion Graves and Headstones Billion Graves Site Map You might want to attend some genealogy meetings or conferences on the local, state, or even on the national level. I have and they were all very helpful. Below is the link for FIND A GRAVE, just input the name you are researching.
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