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With Regards to Pet Food

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I will be updating this page and uploading the graphics for it. The primary reason I created this page was for the benefit of those who had pets that may have been affected by the recalled cat and dog foods as my Princess was in 2007. NOTE: February 7, 2011 This is the date I was forced to put Princess to sleep. More on that later in this article. And the word "vet" means veterinarian. Before you read any further, do yourself a favor and download this document I put together. It's in pdf format so you can read it, save it, print it or all three. Bad ingredients in pet foods. The class action lawsuit won but the pet food companies kept fighting to pay. What funds I did eventually get did not cover the vet expenses incurred to take care of Princess. No amount of money could replace her or anybody elses' pet or service animal anyway. It is interesting to note that it is a Federal Offense to harm a Service Animal. So I rightfully was due much more than what I received and the pet food companies or the source of the contamination should have been punished under Federal Law. It would be a wise decision to continue reading lables not only on pet food but on people food. The ingredients are continually changing and "natural ingredients" are being added. What is in "natural ingredients?" It isn't cited but kept a secret. Gluton is a "natural ingredient." Pet foods were still being recalled five years after the massive recall of 2007. Think about that, in 2012, pet foods were still being recalled. Beware of what is in pet foods and even in human food now. A month from now that canned food you purchased today may have different ingredients. For real. Praise God Princess lived long enough to benefit from my research. However, she has now crossed Rainbow Bridge. Due to complications she had to be put down Sunday night. Pray for me please. Princess was my faithful Service Dog for many years. I got her when she was four months old in 1994. She was put down a few days before her 17th birthday. I had her cremated and placed in a Rainbow Bridge Urn on Feb. 7, 2011. She is still missed so very much. I will continue these pages and this cause in her memory. Princess was having a problem eating her food. A vet at Pet Smart had removed three teeth when I brought her to have only one tooth pulled. She already had two missing teeth from her stay in quarantine in Hawaii. That was before she was designated a Service Dog. I brought her to a different vet. and he did x-rays. He said the x-rays showed her stomach to be bloated from inhaling too much air. The vet who had pulled her teeth said the same thing but said to elevevate her food. So I bought dog food bowls that had a stand. She was improving. This last vet wanted me to have her put to sleep. Wrong.....she was not sick. He did keep her over night against my better judgement. Eventually I did have her put to sleep. You will read about that, just continue reading. I got a copy of her medical records. In them this vet stated she was confused and other words he used for her. I told him she was not confused and whatever else he said (I would have to get the notes out but it is not really that important here). She was blind and did not know where she was. He had her in a crate. When we went out of town, she would walk around the rooms at the resort or motel bumping off the walls or furniture until she knew her way around. She would then go to the door if she needed to potty. She would go directly to her food. She went directly to her bed. She was not confused or stupid. She knew how to orient herself. This vet noted that her IV had infiltrated and came out. He further stated he could not tell how much of the liquid was IV fluid and how much was urine. Bless her heart that must have really frightened her. He also noted that "this dog (meaning my Princess) was well hydrated" yet he continued to hydrate her. Why? She ended up with fluid on her lungs which was why I had to put her to sleep. It was later that I found that out from another vet. To continue with why I brought her to the vet: On a later day after the IV infiltration she was throwiing up white foam and yelling as in severe pain. I called the vet and he told me to take her to an emergency vet clinic. He refused to see her. The emergency vet is how I found out that she had fluid on her lungs. He suggested I use a nebulizer. If I could find out how to nebulize her he would write the prescription for the Albuterol. I told him I had a nebulizer for myself. I did a search on the internet. A vet in Michigan helped me. With his help and what I knew I put together a treatment for dogs. It can be downloaded below. However, the treatment did not help Princess. She was screaming in severe pain and throwing up white foam which meant it was coming from her lungs. She screamed in my ear and threw up all over me and the floor of the front seat of our van on the way to the emergency vet. I did tell her vet what the emergency vet told me. He said he knew Princess had fluid on her lungs. Well I guess, he put it there. That was in his notes for her, that she was well hydrated but continued to hydrate her. She was frightened enough to pee and undoutedly asperated some of the fluid she was laying in. The emergency vet wrote a prescription for the Albuterol and I purchased it. Using her big crate and putting a sheet over it, I trid the nebulizing treatment. But the treatment did not work. Then I made the most difficult decision of my entire life, to have her put to sleep. I called the emergency vet and asked him if he would do it. He said yes. (2018 and I still cannot look in the direction of that clinic.) What really hurt besides her screaming in my ear and throwing up foam on the way to this emergency vet clinic, was that every time we brought her, she would calm down because she knew she was going to be helped. But this time when I put her on the exam table, the vet did an injection in her head and very quickly she quit breathing and she died. Do the math, she was with me constantly, not as a pet in the yard or in the house but by my side for many years. It was only her and me until I remarried in 2006. I got her in 1994. She was designated a service dog in 2003. Not only did this vet cause fluid to get on her lungs and knew it and didn't tell me but the vet who pulled three teeth instead of just one without my knowledge, she gave Princess medicine that was contraindicated not only for her age but because she had a seizure disorder too. She was my seizure alert Service Animal. I had seizures and she developed them too. People, your doctor isn't God and neither is your veterinarian. You have rights and so do your pets especially Service Animals. Service Animals are protected by Federal Law. It is a federal offense to harm a service animal. I am a retired nurse with some veterinary experience. My children grew up on a working beef cattle ranch. My then husband graduated from Texas A & M. I got a one year PHT, putting husband through. In other words, I helped him with his major, Animal Husbandry. I also worked in a feed store, assisted a veterianrian in Carthage, Texas and kept my Merck's Vet. Manual handy. I wish I still had it. Thank God for the Internet! Princess' kidneys declined as she aged after the tainted pet food harm but she improved with with real people food (chicken, peas and carrots). She went through tough times from many bad experiences with wrong medicines given to her. After researching all of the pet foods she has ever had in her entire lifetime and the products she had reaction to, I've come to the conclusion she had a food allergy other than peanuts. It was CORN. The ID diet contains corn. The KD diet contains cornstarch. Heartgard contains corncobs. Heartgold does not contain corn. I purchased Heartgold from a pet food store in Australia. I have included a list of some bad pet food ingredients at the end of this page as a pdf document and some websites of interest for pet owners and Service Dog owners. Plus I encourage you to journal for your pet. I have also included a link with that information. I kept a journal while Princess was sick and going to that vet who actually harmed her. He told me to feed her one teaspoon of KD diet dog food every hour from 7 am to 10 pm. That interrupted my sleep and hers. When I saw her go after crumbs on her bed I decided to put her back on her food which was mixing chicken, peas and carrots. She started improving but not enough. In reference to the tainted dog foods: I tried the freeze dried dog food for awhile but that didn't set well with Princess. She prefered that I cook for her which I did for several years. However, I did eventually resort to canned chicken breast as mentioned above. I've learned though that it is still best to boil the whole chicken and take the meat off the bones if you prepare the food yourself. There are recipe books especially for cats and dogs with kidney disease. The name of the book that I ordered is: "Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets: the Healthful Alternative" by Donald R. Strombeck, DVM, PhD. It's a nutritional book, not a cookbook. Do a search on amazon. That's where I purchased my book. Paying less is not always getting more for your money. Your pet could be getting sick due to the poor sources of nutrition found in these so called "cheap" brands of pet food. Thus you get what you pay for but that doesn't mean all high priced dog and cat foods are great sources of food either as was found out in the recall of over a hundred different brands of dog and cat foods. On Thursday, May 10, 2007, I spoke with a female representative from the FDA-USA. I gave her all the information about Princess in regards to the recalled pet foods. However, she suggested to READ LABELS. IF the pet food contains Rice OR Wheat do NOT give it to your pet. That's a safety precaution since it was both Rice AND Wheat that was affected. That was rice from China. Check the pdf document at the end of this page for the different types of rice products. You want rice not brewers rice and you want it grown in the USA. There are many rice fields in Texas and in Louisiana. The lady at the FDA also said that the FDA regulates animal and human food products, that government officials should be notified as to the affect on Service Animals from this tainted dog food. I told her that IT IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE to injure a Service Dog. That's TRUE. If you have a Service Animal that was affected or know of someone with a Service Animal that was affected, I hope you contacted your congressman or or congresswoman or even up the chain of command to President Obama. I did but to no avail. But I do notify when a medication causes an adverse reaction in me. The FDA takes that seriously. On a personal note: I did boycott food products made in China which is not an easy task. I did contact our government officials but to no avail. All I got was a sorry for the incident type standard note and the information was passed on to the company I was complaining about. The government did nothing to help. And that stayed true with complaints about social security. They did nothng but pass the information along to the entity I was complaining about. It is a vicious cycle folks. When and how does it end? How do we 100% boycott products coming from China? It is not easy to boycott eveything coming from China but with pet food and food products yes you can. Many commercial pet foods contain protein which is NOT "PURE" Protein. Such was the case with the tainted pet foods contaminated with melamine. Read this report. It's about how the pet foods may have been contaminated deliberatly to make the protein source appear to be more than it was. In other words, it's all about the money. It would do you well to read the next article with regards to the contents in pet foods. You can download it. A friend sent it to me. On the page there was a link to print the article so I did; it is in pdf format. What Food Makers Don't Want You to Know I found much information at North Shore Animal League America When I find the source that stated "they" started making commercial pet foods after WWII because "they" did not know what to do with all the leftover chemicals, I will add it to this page. We have grown into an instant society which is hurting all who survive on planet earth animals and humans both. Wake-up people! We ARE in charge so take charge but not in retaliation or hate type ways. There is an old saying that "You catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar." And yet another saying "What is allowed today becomes the norm for tomorrow." Think about it. The recall list for pet food is still an active website. Dog Food Recalls List and Updates - 2010, 2011

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This link below takes you directly to the page that contrasts Grain-based and Meat-based Diets Fed To Dogs and Cats. You will find a wealth of information which will alert you as to why most store bought cat and dog foods are NOT healthy and NOT worth the money. The Internet Hospital for both Cats and Dogs These next links take you to a site that includes a few recipes for dogs with kidney disease and a long list of references, books to purchase elsewhere and links to valuable websites in reference to kidney disease in dogs. Kidney Disease in Dogs (Internet Explorer only) Kidney Disease in Dogs (all browsers) The links in the drop down menu below include resources for books and other literature for pets and pet supplies. If you make a purchase please tell hem you were refered to them by my website. I am no longer an affiliate for any company. If you are interested in cooking for your pet, there are recipe books available on the internet. Do a search on amazon. You will find many books available. That's where I got mine. Note: I made pet treats for Princess and made some for gifts. It's easy. This next site The Honest Kitchen, offers Dehydrated raw pet food. Their quote: Pet Food With Passion & Principles This next link takes you to a website where you may obtain the tools for early detection, home health screening kit for both dogs and cats. The Pet Checkup This next link takes you to Dr. Chrisitina Chambreau's website. At the bottom of the page is a link that takes you to a page where you can download her book Healthy Animal's Journal For Dogs (and cats) as an e-book. You may also purchase for download just a journal. WHO KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR DOG? The Veterinarian? The internet? Your groomer? YOU DO PROBLEMS? HIGH COST OF HEALTH CARE? By learning the early warning signs, you can keep your dog so healthy that you will need few visits to a Veterinarian. There are dozens of health boosting methods you can learn yourself such as selecting the healthiest approach, alternative approaches to health, and how to select a Veterinarian and/or a holistic care giver. Christina Chambreau DVM This next link takes you directly to instructions to give to your Veterinarian in regards to using a nebulizer on your pet. In this case it is a dog. Princess received nebulizer treatments. The emergency clinic Veterinarian wrote the prescription for the treatments. The sources for the information in the nebulizer treatment document are noted in the document. However, a veterinarian from Michigan and I worked together to come up with this treatment. Do not do this on your own. You need a prescription for this. Not all vets have this information. I wrote the document and created a pdf document of it which can be downloaded below. Using a Nebulizer on A Dog Webmaster note: Please remember to go to the home pages of these websites. Some sites include valuable information for both Cats and Dogs. Check out their resource pages too. Click here to read the FDA alert regarding feed for animals that are used for human consumption. This is updated to 2016.

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The items in teh drop down menu do not open in a new brower window. You wil have to click on the back button on your browser to come back to this page. The drop down menu will take you to links for other pages dedicated to Princess. How she saved my life, her Hawaii quarantine diary, her Hawaii diary, service dog document to be filled out by your doctor if you are disabled and have a service dog plus a link to the ADA website with regards to service animals. I believe the latest update is a service animal has to be a dog/canine.

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